Alec Mallmann has been acting since he was in middle school.  Of course, if you spoke with his parents, they'd tell you he was always acting or letting his imagination run wild.  It wasn't until high school until he started thinking about making acting into a career.  After high school, Alec went to Mary Washington College to study theater.

Alec was heavily involved in plays throughout his life, but it wasn't until living in Virginia Beach that his desire for on-screen became a reality.  A small production company in the Chesapeake area began using him in some of the productions for National Geographic, History Channel, and Discovery channel documentaries.  There Alec fell in love with the production process and made plans to move to Los Angeles to turn his dream into a reality.

In the summer of 2007, Alec moved to Los Angeles.  Shortly after he moved, the WGA strike happened and shut down the town.  With very little in the way of productions happening, Alec forayed into the voice over world with the help of Bill Holmes, the Voice Over Doctor.  With Bill's help, Alec had his first VO demo, first job, and first agent.  Similar to Alec's love of the production process, Alec loved the world of Voice Over and the variety and flexibility it gives.  

Alec continues to pursue his passion and involve himself in a myriad of projects.